I turned 65 today.  Unlike my other birthdays this one seems more important.  Not to me but to the marketers.  My mailbox has been flooded for the last year with advertisements for Medicare supplements, AARP magazine, and retirement living choices.

It seems that 65 is the magic age when everyone thinks that I should retire.  The ads all show older people who seem to be extremely relieved and happy their work is done and they now are able to do what ever they want.

It’s like the best long weekend ever.  I could go golfing or fishing or travel every day forever.

The only problem is I am doing what I want.  Sure I ‘d like to go fishing for a few days or take a couple of weeks in Italy or Spain but not forever.   I’m passionate about my life.  I was fortunate to discover what lights me up when I was 21 and it still lights me up today.

When I find myself becoming tired of what I do, I’ve become aware enough to know it’s because there’s something about me I need to change.  Somehow I’ve gotten in a rut about how I do my work and I know it’s not the work itself.

Forty-four years on I’ve come to realize one other thing.  As long as I use the talents and gifts I was given, in service to the purpose I’m meant to do, my life will be joyful and satisfying.  It will nourish me all the way down to my core and at the end of my days I’ll feel it’s truly a life well lived.