What people are saying about Steve Sherwood and
The Sherwood Training Group

Steve Sherwood is one of the most gifted facilitators with whom I have had the pleasure to work. He has assembled a top notch team to provide life changing seminars that are not to be missed. Want to get clarity, step up the quality of life & get results? Contact The Sherwood Training Group.

Mary Carol Melton

Participating in seminars and trainings with Steve Sherwood is the very best thing I have ever done for myself. That was over 25 years ago!

I know I would never, ever have done some of the things I’m happy that I have done, and accomplishes, without making that investment in myself. Great opportunity, awesome facilitator.

Elizabeth Hicks

Steve, having just completed one of your courses, I can truly recommend any of your trainings. You are a gifted facilitator. By participating in your course, I freed my past. I found out who I am beneath the layers of narrative. And now that I have clarified the vision I have for the rest of my life and empowered my inner spark, I know I can achieve my dream. I am very grateful.‬‬

Marianne O'neil-Cook‬

Amazingly gifted man.

Erika Lee

This trainer is gifted.

Jill Rieman Klingler

For 25 years, I’ve returned again and again to attend STEVE SHERWOOD’s trainings. I don’t use the phrase, “they’ve changed my life” lightly but I know without a doubt that they have. I am living the life of my dreams, not because I control all the circumstances, but because I’ve learned ways to open to life’s beauty and keep gravitating to the joy that I now know is possible.

Jan Kiener

Since working with Steve my life is richer and more joyful than I ever dreamed possible. This healing work has touched five generations of my family in a beautiful way, creating better communication expressing our love, and living with courage and stamina.

Nancy Baxter

I remember about 25 years ago thinking (afterwards) that the entry training was actually worth closer to $10,000 — and the 5-day deeper training with Steve was so far beyond the realm of $$ that I couldn’t begin to give it a price. It has changed everything for me.

Deb Bulleit

I came to improve my skills and clarify the ways I sabotage myself so I could move forward with my goals. What I gained was so much more. I found incredible clarity and a sense of purpose about what I want to create in my life. I’m more aware to notice opportunities when they show up, and I have confidence and conviction to say YES to them, even when they stretch me out of my comfort zone. My inner life is deeper, my relationships are more genuine, and my professional life enriches me in ways that are exhilarating!

Mary Riefski

Knowing the value of working with Steve Sherwood, I traveled from Hawaii for the opportunity. I challenged new parts of myself, clarified my purpose, and watched my dreams unfold to levels I never even dreamed of. I met my life and business partner and we discovered our parallel goals of working together. We are now establishing our own publishing company and marketing our first book.

The world has become a playground for creativity and joy. Steve is a pied piper for unlimited living.

Susan Scott

While in college, I was terrified of speaking in front of groups; I would withdraw from classes that required a presentation. This class helped me to become comfortable in front of a room. Now I am working in my dream job which requires me to get in front of groups on a daily basis. This class clearly empowered me.

Rosie Merkt, LSW

Steve Sherwood has a knack for seeing the full potential of who we truly are. Each session was a triathlon pushing me beyond the limits of anywhere I had ever been. I approached with excitement…and nervousness. I reached new heights of freedom, feeling boundless pride and joy over my accomplishment. As a direct result of the training, I created a life beyond my wildest imagination, including an exciting new career that aligns with my greatest passion and life purpose. Best of all, I have the confidence, skills, and focus to create the life I always wanted.

Kate Mikayan

The Unleashing retreat was a pivotal point in my life. I have been working on self-improvement for years and much more diligently with a great coach the 10 months preceding. The program was the point in time where it all started to come together. The benefits are many. For the first time I see clearly my situation and the work I need to do to become a strong leader. I have a renewed hope for my career potential. I am much more comfortable in my own skin. In the months since, I have enjoyed the best sleep that I have had in decades. I feel freer and am much happier than I have been in a very long time. What an awesome, life changing event!

Mike Doherty

This program changed my life and gave me the Peace and reassurance that I was powerful with a contribution to make to the world. Most immediately in my life, it made me much more happy and content in my life. The things I learned still impact me today and remind me of the higher, more intentional path. It is worth every penny!

Gretta Barclay

When you are ready to apply excellent personal effectiveness principles to any area of your life, go talk with Steve Sherwood. The lessons from the programs of The Sherwood Training Group will benefit your life, your family, and every aspect of your business.
When you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life and no longer allow events, other people, feelings, or your past to control your future, the best place to be is with Steve Sherwood and his team.

Steve is a principled man with a world class ability to strengthen your personal insight so you can build your future on your gifts and lead a life, and business, far beyond what you may now even be able to recognize.

Kip Backscheider

In 1979 I began a journey of self discovery. I realized that my fulfillment and greatness came from within, and not from the opinion of others. I also discovered that the more I gave, the more I received. As I live my retirement years, I realize how much my life has been enriched by my good friend, Steve Sherwood.

Ron Rosselot

Amazing, rewarding , and done with purpose, full of power, and presented with passion. A life changing experience. Thank you from my heart.

Ginny Backscheider

I learned that some of the things that really made me happy and made my heart sing were things I had stopped doing many years ago. Now I know happiness, joy, and career are not mutually exclusive but, rather, are mandatory partners.

Larry Gray

In developing P3 Steve Sherwood has created a path for us to rediscover our life’s fundamental success drivers (and limitors) with a process and path to gain actionable insight and clarity regarding the important roles of Purpose, Power and Passion as we go forward. I was privileged to participate in the June seminar and to experience Steve’s exceptional gifts once again.

Andy Lewis