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Who Needs a Mentor?

Our research over 15 years, dissecting the skills of thousands of managers, shows that 88% possess at least one career-limiting skill gap. Seventy-three percent possess at least two. More surprisingly, 92% of managers are blind to at least one aspect of their performance.

“I Get It” ~ Neil Witmer

Your business has picked the most capable management team you could find. They are bright, experienced and highly motivated. But despite your best efforts some of these capable intelligent people aren’t working out. They’re talented and know the business but in a significant leadership area they just don’t seem to get it. They have a blind spot.

What may be most frustrating is how clear they seem to be in conversations with you and how difficult it is for them to translate that into action.

What may be even more confusing is how good they have been until recently. Despite your best efforts at mentoring and coaching they seem unaware about how their decisions or actions impact the business in some important way.

Why Use A Pro?…

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