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We live in the land of the free and have come to believe that freedom is our birthright. The truth is that freedom is our opportunity, not our condition. Unlike those people who live in a repressive political state you may live in a repressive personal state. It is not an external tyrant that imprisons you but the tyranny of self-imposed limits.

~ Steve Sherwood, Finding Freedom

Think for a moment about your dreams, especially the ones that have eluded you so far. Maybe you always wanted to be more successful in your job or you want to start your own business. Perhaps your desire is marriage or to find real intimacy in your marriage. For some it may be to find peace. You may think you’re free because you have chased your dreams but have you been free to succeed?

The Dictionary defines freedom as;

  1. The right to unrestricted use; full access.
  2. Frankness or boldness; lack of reserve.
  3. The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship.

Living in a free country means you are free to pursue your dreams. That is your birthright. I meet people all the time who have spent a lifetime pursuing their dreams and never lived them. Your opportunity is to set yourself free and claim your dreams.

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