Finding Freedom is a five-day residential experience to create a deeper, more intense personal exploration.

gave you clarity and insight, now Finding Freedom is the breakthrough experience that gets to the core of your signature strengths as well as your self-sabotaging behaviors.

This experience will give you insight into why your best intentions can lead to success, but still in a few important areas don’t lead to the desired result.

Get committed to your life’s purpose and move beyond your limits.

Finding Freedom (formerly known as “IPI”), is designed to help you lead a richer life & feel more personally effective. Get to the core of who you are, why you do what you do, and how to make life-long changes. Learn to live with freedom, joy, & passion! Why are others free to have the results that have been beyond your grasp? You may expect these results in your life after Finding Freedom:

  • Confidence in yourself & in your decisions
  • Improved communication skills with healthier relationships
  • Gain a deep belief that you deserve and can achieve what you want
  • Celebration of your unique strengths
  • Ability to be a better resource in your important relationships
  • Commitment to building a strong circle of influence around yourself
  • Take definitive action toward accomplishing your dreams

In addition to the 5-day residential training, you’ll receive a bonus one-on-one coaching session shortly after the training, as well as a half-day group follow up session about a month after the training. These bonus sessions are opportunities for you to continue to review your progress and to create strategic action plans for continued growth. is a prerequisite to attend this intense personal experience.

Finding Freedom has a maximum of 25 participants. The investment for the 5-day Finding Freedom is $1395, which includes lodgings & 2 meals each day. Or Commit to attending & Finding Freedom together and save $250, pay only $1540!


Early Combo Registration – Ends 2 weeks prior to  Seminar start date.

 and Finding Freedom – $1,540, Save $250 off standard registration costs with the combo discount plus early registration discount.

Standard Combo Registration – 2 weeks leading up  Seminar start date.

P³ and Finding Freedom – $1,640, Save $150 with the combo discount.


Next Date July 15th – 19th

When: July 15th – 19th, a residential training, registration begins Wednesday at 9:00am, class begins promptly at 11:00am, and concludes with a Celebration Sunday at 1:00pm. Commit to and Finding Freedom together and pay only $1640, a savings of $150.

CELEBRATION: Invite your family & friends to join us at Celebration to witness and affirm your insights and enthusiasm!

Sunday at 1:00pm at Cincinnati Marriott North.

The Sherwood Training Group

Important Information about our Trainings:


Understand the intense nature of our trainings and come ready to participate. As in life, participants will get out of the training what they put into it. Some trainings may assign pre-work to complete prior to arrival at the training.

All trainings offered by The Sherwood Training Group have breaks built into the training. Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks and/or beverages as meals aren’t included in the tuition. For there will be mandatory, working, off-site dinners on both Friday & Saturday, as well as lunches on both Saturday & Sunday; these meals are also at the students’ expense.

The dress code is casual or business casual. Please dress comfortably and bring extra layers. For Celebration on Sunday, some participants enjoy getting more dressed up.

All trainings offered by The Sherwood Training Group will begin promptly at the stated times. End times are approximate and can be earlier or later than posted.

Full Participation:

Unlike traditional lecture-style seminars, all trainings offered by The Sherwood Training Group are interactive and experiential. Maximum value and results are achieved through maximum participation. Any student who misses significant portions of the training will jeopardize their likelihood of being permitted to complete the training.

Additional journaling or other activities will be assigned to be completed between daily sessions. Students are advised to keep outside responsibilities, commitments, or other possible distractions to a minimum during the training days.

Trainings demand a great deal of focus and energy. Participants may prefer to arrange accommodations near the training location. Out of town participants are encouraged to schedule their arrival and departure with plenty of extra time to avoid possible travel conflicts.

Cell phones will be off during the training but can be checked at regular breaks.


Confidentiality is a priority at The Sherwood Training Group. A safe, trusted environment is one of the key reasons our trainings are successful. Participants agree to keep confidential all matters discussed in the training room.


Students must be 18 years of age to participate.

All balances must be paid in full before the first session of any training begins.

All forms must be completed and returned prior to the start of the training.